Demon Cookies Kill Mixer

I made more of what my husband calls "the demon cookies" tonight. I made a double batch, recalling what I learned in kindergarten: It's nice to share. But, the demon cookies were in a demonic mood. I went to the grocery store to buy everything I (thought) I needed.

When I got back home, I got out my mixer, pushed up my sleeves and got to work. As I was attempting to beat the butter until smooth, when crack! my bowl holder thingymobobber broke. My bowl no longer can be anchored to the mixing stand. I am holding it in place as best I can while the mixers keep going. I realize I'm going to have to finish the recipe this way- bummer.

As I continue, I realize I didn't have enough brown sugar for a double recipe- sigh, back in the car to Long's on the corner. Note to self and all bakers: DO NOT BUY BROWN SUGAR AT THE 24 HOUR LONGS BY YOUR HOUSE. Why? Because it is a brick of rock hard crack sugar. Almost unusable. Sigh.

Move on anyway with sugar rock. Beaters protest further, causing bowl I am semi-anchoring semi-losing my grip on to rock and roll.

Add flour and dry ingredients- everything gets thick and worse yet almost fully exceeds the bowl's capacity. Batter is squeezing out over the top. I'm still fighting to keep the bowl in place and use the bowl scraper to push the dough towards the beaters.

So yeah, the demon cookies broke my mixer- and I'm sad. They'd better be tasty. That is all I can say.

(They only LOOK sweet and innocent)

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