I LOVE Trader Joe's!

I love Trader Joe's a LOT. If you have one where you live, but don't go, you're missing out! I think it is a misconception that because they have a lot of healthy and organic and specialty foods that they are expensive. But they are so reasonable! I save a lot of money by shopping there for the majority of my grocery items. Not only that, but I actually REALLY enjoy grocery shopping now that I go there every Sunday. I switched from Vons to TJ's for my major food shopping (I still buy a few items at Target like Weight Watcher's Smart Ones for lunches or Cherry Coke Zero) about 4 months ago, and I have reduced my grocery bill by about $50 a week! Plus, I LOVE the food I am bringing home- so many things that are healthy AND delicious! Such a huge selection of neat things! The people that work there are really nice, they always have happy music playing and they have things there that you just can't find other places. To top it all off, they always are cooking/preparing two items from their grocery "menu" to give out as samples fresh in the back and they brew coffee fresh for sampling too. I so look forward to my little cup of free coffee with their delicious vanilla creamer each week!

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  1. TJ's is basically my happy place! I LOVE going there, it brightens up my day! And you're right about how inexpensive it is to grocery shop there! And why can resist 2 Buck Chuck?! Kuddos on the TJ shout out!


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