Eight Legged Die Hard

Today, this was in the office bathroom, effectively scaring the pee outta me:

I went and got my spider spray out of the office and returned to the restroom. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. I'm sure I used a 1/4 of the can. And it walked away. See?

And then it walked further away, faster. Until an office neighbor came out, saw me (standing way back) and offered to step on it. I allowed HER too. Yup. Female. She is one tough cookie. Just don't lick her shoes.


  1. FYI: there were 4 Die Hard movies. Your spider days aren't over yet!

  2. The black-widow spider walked away because they can shut their respiratory system down for like 30 minutes (or something like that....I read that somewhere, so that they wont be effected by bug bombs and such. Scary huh!!!! I give you props though, I am afraid of spiders as well.


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