My heart aches tonight.

For the children I worked with this afternoon. It aches for the hungry bellies who needed multiple snacks. It aches for the kids who didn't have coats or jackets and had to wear shorts. It aches for the students who couldn't attempt a pre-test to determine a baseline because they couldn't read it. Any of it. At all.

It aches for the students so desperate for positive attention they'll do about anything to get it. It aches for the students who beg to join tutoring- but the sign up has passed and the administration is firm on their date. A student BEGGING for tutoring. Maybe 9 years old.

My heart aches for my tutors, soon to be assigned to these groups of students who will soon carry the burdens of knowing the stories of these children and how life has seemingly just forgotten about their needs. I pray for guidance, wisdom, hope and strength for my tutors, myself and my students.

My heart aches so badly.

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