What is it about my office?

That attracts the strangest occurrences? Yesterday, I wanted to leave, I was done for the day, but on the sidewalk, in front of my office was:

a. a seemingly crazy man, appeared to be vagrant, wearing no shoes and shouting G-da**it over and over again at the top of his lungs
b. a police car
c. a police motorcycle
d. three officers
e. what I assume was a plain clothes officer taking a report

Finally, an ambulance came up, and they put the man on a stretcher and took him away. All of the officers were laughing seemingly surprised at the event as I was. Then they left too.

Then I finally felt comfortable walking to my car, parked on the curb, between the police cars and in front of the man. Awkward!

This is the ambulance:

This is a couple of officers talking to the man sitting on the ground:

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