And now, some blonde thoughts.

Does your mind ever really get off on a random tangent? Mine does. This evening as I pulled up to my happy place to do a little Christmas shopping- I noticed part of the sign was not lit.

I've been looking at a lot of children's curriculum these days and seeing fraction problems, so my head wandered to, "huh, looks like a fraction of the sign is shaded, which fraction?- 25%" Which led me to the thought "Target is 25% off." Which led me to the thought- wouldn't that be cool- if Target WAS all 25% off!

Yup. And that was a trip into the mind of a blonde. Go ahead and mock me at your leisure.


  1. Natali, you never fail to make me smile. And for that (and other reasons) I love you girl :)

  2. LOL So funny! I totally have those random thoughts too... it's kinda scary! LOL Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I have you on my reader and when I get around to actually updating my blogroll I'll have you on there too! LOL I'm so far behind it's scary!


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