Oh dear.

My car is messy. Very messy. It's sorta not my fault- I mean I do have a toddler (car mess factor increases exponentially when you own your very own toddler- especially toddler, male edition). Also, I have to drive a lot for work, therefore I have to do things like eat in the car and drink caffeinated things in the car.

Anyway, so I definitely want to clean out my car this weekend, because I hate the clutter, but I have a problem.

I found a web in my car. Which means that somewhere in my car is a spider. This is NOT good.


  1. I don't know how it happens, but spiders get into my car ALL the time! HOW do they get in?! Nothing is worse than driving down the highway and looking over to see a spider crawling across the dashboard. I've pulled over to the side a couple times now to kill them. I HATE spiders!!!!
    (OH and my car is a huge mess too! LOL)

  2. it's like spiders gravitate to you. Perhaps they like your perfume?


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