Who wants some gray potatoes?

No, you don't need to adjust your eyes, yes, this photo needs to be rotated, but I just don't feel like making the effort. The effect is still the same. What you are looking at is a pan of 7 potatoes, carefully chopped and prepped the night before I was to serve breakfast to my bosses and co-workers.

I learned however that all of the organization and prep work doesn't always pay off, because my potatoes turned gray in the fridge.

I cooked them ahead a bit in the microwave, cut them up and was storing them overnight to fry up this morning, only to discover my seven potatoes were in fact all gray and no longer appetizing.

My company President said "I don't think we should eat gray potatoes." And that is part of why she is our president. She knows what to do.

So, we didn't eat them.


  1. Awww! I'm sorry your potatoes went gray! :) (I wonder if you can do to them the same you can do to apples... sprinkle un-flavored meat tenderizer on them and they don't turn colors. It might be worth a shot!)


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