It's tough to be a kid.

Bran and I went fairly conservative on the gift buying for Keegan this year, seeing as we knew the grandparents (and great grandparents) would probably spoil the only grand kid rotten. We were right. Poor kid, I don't know how he will decide what to play with first. It's tough being 19 months old.

I am a bit proud of my handy-woman-ness however- the excess toy situation prompted me to hit up Target with some of Keegan's Christmas money and purchase a much needed organizer for the playroom. (See the cubby thing in photo). Despite the thing coming packaged with duplicates of some pieces rather than one of each of the correct pieces, I got it together and in under an hour- I was pretty stoked.

Each drawer has a purpose too- I feel so Kate Gosselin tonight.


  1. Haha! I feel ya! I cannot imagine what people do with more than 1 child. Danica's room looks exactly like your playroom, only with a dresser and crib thrown in; plus she's got a corner full of toys in the living room. I give up! ;)

  2. We just moved the furniture in the living room and designated a corner for Isa's play area/things andI really like the white shelf with green boxes...I am thinking that would be perfect for us too but we need different colors...did they have black?


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