Thank you Sunbeam!

I am really excited because today, my new mixer came!!! I had written to Sunbeam about the old one breaking, hoping maybe they'd help me out- and they sure did! They sent me a new mixer, and while they apologized for it, they said it would not arrive before Christmas. But, guess what? A mini-kitchen-Christmas-miracle must have kicked in because it came today! Not only that, but it is better than the first one too! This one came with bread hooks, two bowls (glass bowls actually- which I'd never seen for a mixer but they look nice and are real solid and heavy), the whipping beaters and regular beaters. I can't wait to use it! It was nice to put it in it's counter spot where it belongs tonight and say farewell to the broken one.

During the two weeks or so I was without a mixer, I actually considered plunking down the money for a KitchenAid. (I even considered charging one on a credit card- not something I really do anymore- a younger, more foolish version of myself would have though, haha!) I did borrow my friend Michelle's Kitchen Aid for some baking this week, and while it did do a good job, I've got to say, I'm glad to be with my Sunbeam again. Here's why:

1. The Sunbeam doesn't throw flour everywhere.
2. I can lift my Sunbeam without needing to visit a chiropractor afterwards.
3. My Sunbeam never leaked any kind of "edible" oils from it's motor.
4. I can scrape the sides of the bowl while the mixer is running with a spatula. With a Kitchen Aid you can't do that.
5. The Sunbeam is every bit as powerful as the Kitchen Aid- and it's half the price.

Thank you to Sunbeam for taking care of our holiday baking needs on the double! :-)


  1. Dang you must bake a lot! (and I am sure sunbeam will appreciate the glowing review)


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