True Confessions

1. I made fudge and peanut butter fudge for OTHER people, as gifts. I have eaten several gifts.
2. I used scissors to cut wrapping paper AND my finger tonight. Don't worry, there's not blood on YOUR gift...
3. I spent $14 on the prettiest notebook I've ever seen today at Anthropologie and my shallow side can't stop thinking about the other stationary items I saw.
4. I have eaten fast food more times in the past week, than in the past two months combined. I feel like a sloth for it too.
5. I've been sleeping under a bedspread that has ground in cocoa puffs for over a week now.
6. I have hardly cooked at all except for desserts "for the holidays" (read: me to eat) and I feel bad about this.
7. I made this post because I didn't want a postless day, but I don't have a good picture to show you at the moment ;-).

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