The art of surprising Noni and Grandy

As a kid, it was a really big deal to go get donuts for breakfast on a weekend morning. It was a big deal for several reasons a. it wasn't healthy and mom made sure we ate pretty healthy, b. it was a ways to a donut shop- we lived in the "boondocks", and c. donuts are not free and money did not grow on trees. But, when we did go get donuts, it was super cool.

Saturday morning, Mr. Keegan decided that 6:51am sounded like a GREAT time to wake up. I tried to dissuade him (read: I gave him a bottle, changed his diaper, left his curtains shut and begged him to go back to sleep) but he was totally unconvinced.

Since we were already up on a Saturday morning, I though, hmm, I would love some coffee. And then on t.v. I saw a donut. There it was all sprinkly and tempting. It was at that moment, I decided. It was donut day. It was Brandon's turn to sleep in, so I got ready as quick as I could, and Keegan and I tried to sneak out quietly (note: doing anything "quietly" with a toddler- not so effective). We hit up Starbucks and the donut place and off we went to the country to surprise my mom and dad (now known as Noni and Grandy) with donuts- because it was their turn for the surprise treat of donuts for breakfast! After 27 years, I figured they were more than deserving!

They were very pleased :-)

Who should YOU surprise with donuts this week????

Driving to Noni and Grandy's (note valuable "passenger" next to me)

Keegan enjoying his first donut ever (or at least the frosting)

Keegan, enjoying his Starbucks (kid's soy hot cocoa)

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  1. I think I will surprise my TAs with donuts this week :)


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