Chicken dancin' the work day away

Have I mentioned how much I love recruiting? Oh wait, yes, yes I have. Well today was actually a good day in the world of recruiting staff. Our company president has a policy in which we don't interview in the traditional sense- we do an information session, some Q & A about the position, and then the candidates teach something non-academic for 3-5 minutes. They can teach anything they want. I have had days where all 7 candidates taught me origami (completely by coincidence) and I've had days where people read entirely from sheets they printed directly off of a web page and probably never read prior to the interview. The best teaching presentations are done by those who think of something they like or do on a regular basis and turn it into a nice, easy, flowing presentation. Example, I like to cook, I could teach how to make Last Minute Lasagna.

So, today I held interviews for a group of 6. And I actually can say it was a blast. I was literally chicken dancing in my office and setting money on fire but yet keeping it intact at the same time. Days like these make me laugh- did I really just get paid to do the chicken dance? Yes, yes I did.


  1. Awesome! Noah's school in AZ used to do the chicken dance everyday before school started. He loved it!

  2. I would be very interested to learn how to set money on fire while keeping it intact! lol,,, think you can teach me?


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