Just in case.

There may have been an individual or two who thought it odd or silly that I was toting a Chik-Fil-A sauce in my purse. See, I had eaten there, and had taken one sauce more than I ended up needing. No way was I going to dump it- and I'd already taken it, so I wasn't giving it back, so I stashed it for a time of great need.

Consider today a time of great need.

Keegan: nuggay? (nuggets)

Me: Sure, why not. Let's get nuggets on our way to your Noni's house.

Keegan: Nuggay.

McDonald's Lady: Welcome to McDonald's what can we make for you?"

Me: May I have a four piece nugget meal with apples and a juice and a cheeseburger happy meal with a diet coke?

McDonald's Lady: What kind of sauce?

Me: Barbecue please.

McDonald's Lady: $6.04 at the first window.

I then pay the McDonald's lady and drive off with what I assume is my order. However my order now consisted of a nugget meal with apples and juice for the little dude, and apparently a nugget meal with Diet Coke for myself. Oh yeah. No sauce.

I wanted a cheeseburger, but was now cursed with nuggets AND no SAUCE???

But wait!!! I have the purse sauce!!! Hooray! The world was saved. :-)

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  1. I read some of your posts since you had commented on my blog, and I've got to say, you crack me up!


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