There is a monster in my living room.

My husband, he is a saver. He saves up his gift money from Christmases and birthdays and his spending money that is left over after bills and he buys big things. I'm a spender. I'm a sucker for a clearance rack. I rarely meet a red sticker at Target that I don't at least look more closely at.

Well, my husband, he saved again, and now there is a monster in my living room. It is really big. This isn't a brag post, this is just a whoa I'm in shock post, lol. My eyes are still adjusting. I feel like I need a bigger living room... or to move the couch back further? Maybe I will watch from the kitchen.

The hubs seems happy, and a happy hubs means a happy house.


  1. It may be a monster, but at least it's a nice monster. :)

  2. I have one of those monsters in my house too. You'll get used to it ;)


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