The Cup Problem

At my office, there is a shared dumpster for the building in the back. If my trash is full, I bag it up and go to the dumpster. But, see, the dumpster is enclosed in a gate brick "rectangle" and sometime homeless people will be in there. It's awkward to come open the gate, find one sleeping there and throw away my trash.

When I drink water- if I have leftover water, I can throw it in my office plant. But, you can't do that with leftover latte- because old milk stinks. I never can finish my lattes, they get cold by the time I'm done with them. And after a day or too, soda seeps through even good fast food cups. Now I don't eat out daily, but within a few weeks, a cup collection grows. I can postpone taking my regular office trash to the dumpster, because it's just papers and stuff- but, again, old milk stinks.

So I end up with a cup collection- as I procrastinate for fear of disturbing a homeless person. It's awkward. What should I do?


  1. Yeah, I know all about this problem too. But instead of my office, its my car. :)

  2. Is there a homeless man in your dumpster too? If not, not the same man, sorry!

  3. Would it be possible to put all your trash in a garbage bag and then fling said bag over the brick wall into the dumpster? :) I can see you now sinking in a sea of Starbucks cups...


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