Ah... #*%$!

Keegan has a standing Saturday afternoon playdate with a few buddies at our favorite local park. On this particular Saturday, a firetruck full of friendly firemen pulled up at the park. At first I was curious as to whether there was an emergency- then I realized that the firemen were there to let the kids check out the rig. Normally, I would think this was really cool, except, this now created a huge social norm dilemma.

You see, Keegan gets very excited about firetrucks and tends to say their name at louder volumes than most of his words- not such a big deal- except, his pronounciation of the word "Fire truck" actually comes out "Ah, f**k!"

So of course my little man notices the fire truck, points and heads eagerly towards his dream play thing- with me muttering under my breath please don't say it, please don't say it. To my relief, he was content to just stare and listen to the firemen talk and watch the other kids. He was quiet as a mouse.



  1. Too cute! My neice calls my son "F*cker" instead of Tucker! Gotta love the kids!

  2. Awesome. BTW K's a doll. Loved watching him saturday with the stickers.


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