Proud Mom Moment

This is the boy, who ate the strawberries in the bowl with a fork.

The same boy then proceeded to march straight for the kitchen, with ZERO prompting, open the dishwasher and place his bowl and fork inside!

(Yeah, so he put them both in the utensil place, but who cares!)

Love. This. Kid.


  1. Now if only you could get your husband to do the same thing. :)

  2. Good job K! Auntie Jen's proud of you!

  3. Wow. Very impressive. So I guess they start doing all the things we love, and as they grow older, forget how to do them! Way to go, Keegan! Keep your mommy proud!

  4. WOOOHOOOO! That's awesome! My Keeghan totally would have thrown that in the trash! LOL

  5. That's awesome! :) Way to go Keegan!


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