Yes, you are the problem.

I love to eat at Chipotle. I probably eat there more than anywhere else (with the exception of my home) and a lot of other people in town seem to feel the same way. The line tends to get very long during the lunch and dinner rushes, and the nice people who work there work very hard to get the line down as fast as possible while still being polite. Which makes me feel like tapping people like this on the shoulder and imploring them to either get out of line or get off the phone! If I hear one more person tell the nice folks at Chipotle to "hold on" while trying to take their order for the food they are in line for... well, let's just say I may involve salsa and guac!

1 comment:

  1. There's a sign up in the line at Moe's here (along the same lines as Chipotle) that you will not be served if you are on the phone!


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