No thanks.

Ah, the restroom. Seems to be a great place for blog post inspiration, funny signs, spiders you never know what you will find in a restroom. When I entered the restroom at my office today, I noticed a new flyer on the "please look at me and decide to buy things while you go poo" table. This particular flyer was an advertisement for items on clearance leftover from a holiday promotion. I quickly glanced at the flyer and noticed a fragrance I'd never heard of on the list...

I sense it might contain "notes of patchouli"? I wonder why there are 25 left of that particular product, when there seem to be one or two of others... hehehe


  1. Stupid stuff like this makes me more and more likely to drop the money on a copy of Photoshop. I would love to do up a mock-up advertisement for Bong Girl 007 :)

  2. Bong Girl? Was it made with Hemp? Great Post!


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