The Power of Negative Thinking

Yesterday, I spent the day dissappointed in myself. See, I'm participating in a weight loss challenge with some friends, and I knew I slacked off some last week, but I didn't think I was horrid or anything. Well Monday mornings are our weigh ins and I hopped on the scaled and saw a number 4 lbs heavier than I'd seen the previous week. I hadn't been expecting much loss, but a gain of 4 lbs, that was a bit of a shock. So all day I was trying to eat like a bird (a healthy, well balanced bird- but a bird for sure) and when the afternoon munchies hit- I squelched the hunger with sugar free beath mints. But seriously, am I really even making any progress toward breaking bad habits if I eat the whole tin??? I'm thinking that's a big fat no.

So today, I was feeling glum about my body again, and stepped on the scale- just to see--- and what do you know, those 4 lbs are gone again. I don't for one second believe I literally lost my 4 lbs in one day- but whatever the cause (water weight from salty food, unbalanced tile under the scale, who knows...) it really brought me down. I was bummed and I felt bigger all day yesterday- big enough to eat 30 stupid breathmints instead of one healthy, satisfying snack. How stupid.

I'm going to work on positive thinking today. (I suppose it will be easier, 4 lbs lighter, lol)


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  2. um yeah... last week I weighed myself for S&G and noticed the scale was a bit off so I "re-zeroed" it. It was really cold that morning downstairs (metal contracts when cold -> scale's spring is made of metal), so that is probably why the scale was off. :(

    But for its worth, you're still the #1 hottie in my book ;)


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