Hazards of Momness.

This morning started out well enough. My mother in law picked up Keegan early, so I actually had the opportunity to get ready without having a little gremlin whining at my leg every ten seconds, requiring me to start and stop getting ready about 500 times- so that was a big plus! I was enjoying getting ready, feeling all shower fresh and awake, wearing my clean, bright white and soft bathrobe. Nothing quite as clean feeling as a bright white bathrobe.

Then I caught sight of the end of my sleeve. Oh sick. I guess I picked up a present from Keegan at the morning diaper change. Nothing quite as clean feeling as a bright white robe with a poo smear on it. Siiiiiiiiiiick!


  1. Yeah... I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but... I usually try to avoid getting fecal matter on my clothes when I change him. :)

  2. Haha! That happened to me the other day...only it wasn't a robe but a shirt...and I didn't notice until AFTER I'd walked the boys to school and been seen in semi-public!

  3. Man, I manage to get poo on me just HOLDING Iain.

    Here's something fascinating I've noticed about Iain....very scientifically.

    If I am holding him and let slip that I'm planning on going to the grocery store, restaurant or any other public place, there is an 80% chance that he will urp on me.

    That percentage climbs to a whopping 97% if I happen to be wearing the shirt in which I plan to go out.

    Absolutely amazing, that.


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