I can't find my pants.

No really. I can't. I bought a pair of pants. Super comfortable snuggle up in your house and relax pants. But the kind of pants that are still good enough to answer the door for a pizza delivery- you know, those kind of pants. I wore them one time. Inevitably they got dirty (life with toddlers) so I put them in the laundry basket. And I washed them. I remember putting them IN the washing machine. And I've never seen them since. Ever. At all. I have looked high and low in our house, and they are not here. I really miss my pants. Our relationship was far too short. I suspect thievery. Or perhaps dryer monsters?

1 comment:

  1. For any of you ladies out there who think I was the "thief". that is not the case. I liked the pants too.

    That leaves two culprits: Keegan (who dresses better than both Nat and I combined) and Lolly (our dog). My vote is Lolly since all she does is lounge the day away and wanted to dress the part with some nice lounge pants.


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