Ever have one of those days that literally takes ALL of the brainpower you have to give? Today was such a demanding work day- every ounce of my mental capacity was utilized. I'm left with this melt of BLAH!! because it's all I can think. I think my brain actually melted. Deadlines. Be here at this time, here at this time, these people are counting on you, this person is counting on you, these students are expecting this, etc. etc. I just finished my work for the day (well, now night) and I've been under so much pressure all day, I feel like I NEED to be doing something by a certain time- and I'm terrified I've overlooked something. Tomorrow, I'll be spending some time on the road, I will try to get you a good picture of something funny! :-) For now, I'm going to try to decompress. Thanks for forgiving my lack of cleverness tonight! (Power of suggestion, you have forgiven me, right???)

Don't worry, I'm still a little ways away from going this crazy ^^^

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  1. Oh, but some days doesn't that look like a wonderful idea??? I have to admit it has crossed my mind a time or two...


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