Are you a morning person?

If so, can I implore you to move in with us, while this "phase" is going on? Keegan is not a big fan of sleep these days, and figures if he makes it to 4 or 5am, he's done good and it's time to get up and torment others. Oops, did I say torment? I meant play. (Maybe)

This photo was taken this morning, at around 6am (today is Saturday, in case you weren't 100% on that) and it is of my precious son watching Barney. There are two things I don't like seeing at 6am on a Saturday morning. 1. What is outside my eyelids 2. BARNEY.

I might be more graceful about all of this except for the fact that Keegan had already crying off and on since 3:50am. 6 is when I finally surrendered. Did I mention that he was also up once at 2:50am?

If I don't post again today- it is because I've passed out from exhaustion. Hope you are still sleeping as I post this oh friends in the blogosphere!


  1. Dads tricks to catch an extra hour of sleep...

    A couple of months ago when my wife went out of town and left me with the kids I figured out a couple tricks to delay waking up at un-godly least less ungodly.

    I poured two bowls of cereal and put them on the table with spoons set out. I poured two small cups of milk and put them on the lower shelf of the fridge. I gave them instructions on how to get their breakfast before we crashed that night..."dont wake up dad because your hungry."

    It worked like a charm. I slept an extra hour and they got breakfast without thrashing the kitchen.

    Of course they are 3 and 5 but...something to look forward to.

  2. Hey Nat! Just wanted to say that my nephew is about the same age as Keegan and is going to the same sort of thing. She was really excited the other day that he woke up at 5:15 but then went back to sleep until 6:45! Sounds like it's typical for the age. Either way, I hope you get some more sleep...and soon! Oh yeah, HOORAY for the potty! : )


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