An Ode to Things I Love

Being a consumer, I think it's smart to occasionally give some shout outs or "props" if you will to products that float your boat. For, if you are the only person to buy them- then you may not be able to find them anymore- and that would be very sad, don't you think? (I doubt any of these particular products are anywhere near that fate- but I like to give credit where credit is due.)

Things I wouldn't want to live without:
1. Dove Soap, the good old original white bar. Gentle, smells good, creamy, I can use it on my body and my face- no break outs. Good to go. Cheap too.
2. Red Bull- I am a caffeine addict and it tastes like liquid Nerds. I don't see any flaws here. (I always use a straw though)
3. Baby Einstein DVDs- without these, I would NEVER get to shower in the morning. The world should thank Disney for this. Unshowered moms are kind of gross after a couple days.
4. MAC Studio Fix Compact in C3- doesn't make me look pale, and makes my skin look oh so smooth. Covers everything too. I think I could make my nose or eyebrow disappear if needed.
5. Closed Captioning- I'm not hearing impaired, but I have talkative friends and a toddler. Just because I can't hear my show over them, doesn't mean I can't READ my show :-)
6. Google- oodles of stuff I don't know, at my fingers tips when I need to know it.

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