Schooled by the munchkin.

So, even though I very much have always wanted to have children, and Keegan was very much a planned and wanted addition to our family- sometimes I still have trouble fully grasping the concept that I am a mom. Like really, truly a mom. Responsible for a child's upbringing. I am not borrowing him, this child I find adorable somehow is who he is in part because of my genes. He is truly my kid and I am really a mom.

This morning (after the whole being up since an hour even God himself would likely find unholy thing-see previous post) I REALLY felt like a mom. I looked down and saw what I was doing and was like, "whoa, I am so a mom!"
I thought to myself, I have never felt more mom-esque and I doubt anything could make me feel more like a mom than I do right now... until "Whoa! Wow! Uh oh!" was uttered to my right.

And once again, I was showed how wrong I can be.

By the way, there is no good way to clean up angel hair pasta. Breaking them into pieces does not make them easier to sweep.


  1. Sorry, but funny! They are stilling dumping pasta at ten!

  2. OK those pancakes look awesome! LOL

    There's an award for you on my blog!


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