Slacking on the "job"

I find myself annoyed at the sight of people standing at intersections with signs begging for money. I know I am lucky to have a roof over my head and clean clothes on my back and all of the basic things we should all have, however, I feel like if a person can stand out ALL day on a corner holding a sign, they are healthy enough for some kind of work. And if they have criminal backgrounds or got fired from a bunch of jobs in the past or have drug problems, well, a. those are choices they made and b. there are programs out there- if they go by a church, I'm sure they can find real help if they want to.

I'm sure this sounds really insensitive, but being a responsible member of society is not the "easy" thing to do, but it is the thing we must do if we want to have the privileges of a good life. Being responsible means working hard and paying your way. I am responsible for me. I will support me. So, why should I be expected to hand over my hard earned cash to someone who won't do anything productive to be responsible for themselves?

Stepping down off of my soapbox soon (I promise)....

Today, while coming back from an errand on my lunch- I saw a sign-holder standing at the intersection behind a Big 5 Sporting Goods store. I looked up, not really intentionally, but I read his sign. It said "Do not destroy, return to Big 5 D.C." He then looked at me, (I'm driving past now- but I see him in the peripheral of my vision) looked down, and flipped his sign over.

He flat out was holding his sign backwards, showing just the original box printing (which clearly asked that he not destroy it in the first place).

Seriously. If you are going to not work, and simply stand there asking for money- at LEAST hold your sign the right way.

I'm so sorry I couldn't catch a picture for you. It happened too fast.

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  1. Amen, sister!
    Also, how did you make a playlist??? I have missed so much in the world of blogging!


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