Where to even start?

No one ever says, "I love toddlers because they are so clean!" but sometimes the mess is so bad, there is not even a clean surface left for you to grab. Whatever you are wearing is about to be sacrificed, and your hair might be too. Hope you have time for a shampoo. I mean, with this, where do I even start???? A simple meal of oatmeal and eggs is now a full on debacle.


  1. "Bow before me! For I am KEEGAN, DESTROYER OF BREAKFAST!"

  2. Oooh I've had that scene more than once. And now that I'm babysitting, it's double the debacle!

  3. LoL.... Oh yes. This is exactly why I give Danica breakfast before I get her dressed. I don't want to have to change her clothes again!


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