Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of heart day, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to my hubby. The man who is stuck with me 'til death do us part (poor guy!) and who I love very, very much.

25 Things I love about my hubby:
1. He always gives me a kiss good night and a kiss good-bye in the mornings when he leaves for work.
2. I rarely have to go to the bank or ATM, he does it for me.
3. He has made me breakfast in bed. And yes, I do count Pop Tarts, I love Pop Tarts!
4. He has really nice hair. (I am kind of jealous)
5. He always tells me I am pretty, even though I often don't feel pretty.
6. I can trust him 100%.
7. He is a wonderful Daddy to our son.
8. He doesn't make me ride in his messy car.
9. If he goes to Starbucks or buys a Red Bull, he brings me one too.
10. He will go to the store and buy feminine products (for me, lol) with zero complaints.
11. He sets up Rock Band. I don't like to set it up, but I like to play it.
12. He takes out the stinky trash.
13. He gives the best hugs.
14. He has not taunted my mom's cat (too much) despite his strong dislike for cats.
15. He has really long curvy eyelashes, and he passed them down to the kiddo.
16. He lets me sleep in sometimes and gets up with the kiddo.
17. He does the dishes after I cook dinner.
18. He always calls when he says he will. Even when we were dating he was this way.
19. He still holds my hand when we go places even though we have been married for nearly 7 years.
20. He says really funny things in his sleep sometimes.
21. He gets ready in the morning with the use of the fewest possible lights so I can keep sleeping (he starts work earlier)
22. He has very good taste, he doesn't buy me awful gifts that I have to pretend to like.
23. He shares my love of Cherry Coke Zero, Red Bull and coffee. We jitter and shake together :-)
24. He always supports me doing things for the betterment of myself (i.e. schooling, exercise, career goals) even when it means more responsibility for him.
25. He is really, really cute! :-) :-) :-)

I love you Bran! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I LOVE this list! I hope that someday I can say such personal and loving things about my husband.


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