Ode to Post -Its

I have a confession. I love Post-Its. I love them a lot. I use them all of the time at work, and I am not sure I could work without them. I feel like Post-Its allow organization to run rampant- because I am not wasting a whole sheet of paper to label something- and it comes off after I'm done with it. How could anyone NOT love Post-Its?

I also have a love of pens. I can spend 30 minutes in the pen aisle trying to choose the perfect pens. If I chose the right pen, my handwriting will look nice. If I choose the wrong pen- first graders will make fun of me.


  1. I share your love for Post-Its. I would go CRAZY with out them!

  2. I love pens too! The hubby always steals them though...

  3. I seriously use a pad of Post-Its a week, no kidding! I am with you on their organizational ability. I think there is a Post-It fairy, and as long as I label things, the fairy will keep them organized for me :)


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