Just like back in the day :-)

As a kid, I remember going with my mom to Vons to buy groceries. We would always start at the bakery, and the nice people at Vons gave all kids a free cookie! Yum! The only thing that wasn't awesome about that was narrowing the choices down and choosing the best cookie.

I decided to pop Keegan in his stroller to walk to the grocery store around the corner tonight to get a few fresh veggies for dinner (and enjoy being outside- the weather was awesome!).

Nowadays, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and I didn't even think there was such a thing as a free cookie... but, The Market, insisted both Keegan and I enjoy our cookies on the house!

Thank you to the nice lady working in the bakery tonight! You brought me back to the good 'ol days and made Keegan and I very happy :-) The cookies were delicious!


  1. I remember getting free cookies when we went grocery shopping too! They definitely don't do that here anymore.

  2. I remember it all the time and I always walk by the bakery just to be sure, but our vons never offers! I guess you found the right time to go!


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