Hunting the Invisible Pizza Hut

Today was the final tutoring session for a large group of my students in the Modesto area. To thank them for their hard work I had planned to order and pick up pizza for them to enjoy. Since I am not super familiar with Modesto, I used Google Maps to determine major pizza chain nearest the tutoring location. Google maps gave me Pizza Hut, a mere 1.3 miles away from the tutoring place- cool.

Called Pizza Hut, ordered the pizzas and requested they be ready at 4:00pm. I then sent myself directions via email so that I could reference them on my phone once in Modesto.

I arrived at the tutoring location, made sure things were kicked off smoothly and all was well, then excused myself to retrieve the pizzas. I followed the directions on my phone and the Pizza Hut was supposed to be on Paradise Street. Now first of all, I would like to note that whoever named this particular street Paradise must have either done so a looooooooooooooooong time ago OR they have some sort of warped sense of humor- because I was quite sure slowing my car would cause me to fall victim to some crime.

I went up and down from the 1100 block to the 2000 block, as the Pizza Hut was supposed to be at 1406. But, guess what? No Pizza Hut or anything resembling a Pizza Hut at all.

I checked to be sure the address was in fact associated with the phone number I had called and successfully placed my pizza order with earlier that day, and indeed it was. Google was very sure there was a Pizza Hut on Paradise- but I was VERY sure there was not.

I called Pizza Hut, told them my location, and was told I was nowhere near them. What????

I waited on hold for 10 minutes for someone who actually could give me directions, only to discover the Pizza Hut I needed to get to was 10 miles away! It was already about 4:40 when this was explained to me. Parents were to pick up their children from tutoring at 4:45!

So I hauled tail to the Pizza Hut through some horrible traffic and finally was able to retrieve my order. I explained where I had been and why to the cashier who informed me with zero intonation in her voice that there WAS a Pizza Hut there, but it was burnt down two years ago, so they just kept the same phone number and moved all the employees to the Pizza Hut "across town" (the one I was now at).

Thank you Google. Thank you VERY much. In two years, you couldn't update that? I appreciate being sent to the ghetto to risk my life for pizza for kids and end up very late to deliver it. Thank you oh so very much.

Bitter? Me??? Nah.... maybe just a little.

Clearly, this is Paradise. ^^


  1. That's crazy! We were trying to find our friend's house in NC last weekend and our GPS brought us to the middle of the woods. Told us to turn left where there was no street...just trees. Stupid technology.

  2. Oh no. I was reading, and when I saw "Paradise", I groaned. I grew up not far from there, and I can attest that yes, if you'd slowed, there would have been crime involved.


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