My baby Valentine

This Valentine's Day was the first holiday that Keegan actually seemed to grasped the concept of "presents". I bought a few little things for him from Brandon and myself and gave him a tissue paper filled bag with the gifts inside on Valentine's Day. In the bag were the following items: a sheet of stickers, a little cow that moos when you push a button, a Barney DVD (cringe!!!!), one box of Conversation Hearts (he is happily clutching them in the picture above) and a really colorful children's book by Todd Parr called The I Love You Book. As Keegan pulled each item out of the bag, he seemed genuinely please with each one. And best of all, was he wanted to sit on my lap and hear the story read aloud to him. Typically he won't sit still through a story, he likes to close the cover and say "the end!" and laugh at me. But this time, the moment I finished reading, he said "Again?" and sat through it, snuggled up to me to hear the story four times! It was one of my favorite parenting moments ever.

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