A new store just opened here in town. After a long, grueling work day, I went with a friend to briefly peruse Nordstrom Rack for a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend (the search is NOT going well- suggestions of stores/sales welcome!) and we saw a store we'd never seen before- all lit up. ULTA. What is that??? We looked at each other, questioned what was in front of us aloud- and decided to venture in.

Turns out it was like Sephora- only bigger and with more stuff! (queue the music that sounds like the heavens were opening up)

We went in and found ourselves fully hypnotized by the airy store with clean, pristine displays and "try it" stations loaded with tools.

And, as if we didn't have enough to be excited about- when we got to the check out, both of us were given a bag full of full sized products (Va Va Vanilla Ulta lotion, Back to Basics straight conditioner, Kiwi Shine Hairspray and Ulta Amythest eyeshadow) that they called "samples". All I bought was a lip gloss (which they scanned a $3.50 off coupon for for me!). Apparently we found this treasure of a store on their grand opening day!

SCORE!!! This was so what I needed at the end of a crappy day :-)


  1. Hey, I'm so jealous. That was my intent today, to get the free stuff. I kept their add from the newspaper yesterday. I didn't get around to it because I had to take Isaac to the doctor. I also mean to go to Macy's wearing red to get 20% off some shoes. That didn't happen either. Cute blog by the way :)

  2. I went today and got my free stuff too. I think I have found a new "happy" place. I loooove perfumes, and they have like 5 aisles of testers...Awww Nirvana! Thanks for the heads up on this, we don't get the paper so we had no idea!

  3. Sarah(Yanes) WilliamsFebruary 11, 2009 at 11:08 AM

    I love Ulta, I've been going there for years. They have a great selection of Hair dryers there :-)


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