Random thought of the day...

I am contemplating joining a gym (thank you for the applause, I know I am out of shape- no need to rub it in!) and went to "tour" one today. I have a free three-day pass, so I guess I will be going to the gym at least this week.

I know a lot of people go to the gym regularly and even enjoy it. My biggest beef with the gym is it is an awful waste of energy. I have to get ready for the gym (you can't wear your holey sweats, you have to wear your going out sweats) and you have to drive to the gym and you have to make sure your MP3 player is not dead. But, worst of all, you sit on a bike or "run" on an eliptical or treadmill and you go NOWHERE. It seems like such a waste.

So why, my friends, I ask you, have they not yet created gym equipment that harnesses the energy and puts it into the power grid!?!? So much energy, just going to waste! Our planet needs clean energy- why haven't we done this yet?

And that, is my thought of the day. (Possibly the only thought of the day worthwhile, hehe)

The end.


  1. I totally agree with you! I have a gym membership that I occasionally use, but it's a pain in my ass cause it is 20 minutes away! I need a walking buddy to go OUTSIDE with me so I don't have to dress up to work out.

  2. Which one is your pass to? (I will go with you!)


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