This week in review...

This week has by far been the most challenging (for me personally) since, well... at least since Keegan first came home as a newborn.

Just a little review for you (and maybe this will explain my slacking in the blog department- sorry for that)

1. I worked 66 hours this week. I am tired.
2. During that 66 hour work week, there were 4 parent presentations to be made. While speaking at one, I accidentally said "Your child's chest scores" instead of your child's test scores. (Thankfully, the meeting was for families of English Language Learners, and only one parent understood English, the others were listening to translators, but still!)
3. I have driven to 4 cities in the past two weeks besides my own, and saw NOTHING funny to take a picture of other than the 98 cents mostly store. (Bummer)
4. My household chores took a severe backseat to work, and I just finally did my floors for the first time in two weeks last night at 10pm. Um, yuck.
5. I finally confessed to my landscaper that I speak a fair amount of Spanish, and we had a good 20 minute conversation in Spanish. He is really nice. I had never told him before for fear of accidentally saying the wrong thing and offending him. This is the same reason I often do not use my Spanish, though I can understand 90% of what I hear. Someday I will get over this.
6. Our hot water heater went out, so I was forced to shower at the gym (yes, I did join a gym and yes, I am exercising!).
7. The hubby stepped into the role of super homeowner guy and fixed the water heater himself for all of $10.
8. I finally got active insurance member numbers for the health insurance I was eligible for as of January 1st. This of course took a phone call.
9. I found out that I might have MS.
10. I didn't blog much.

So, that is me being honest. It was a really crappy week. But, it is coming to an end, which is good!!! And next week I have something major I am looking forward to, though I can't tell you about it quite yet- but I will.


  1. What's this MS business?! Serious?!

    PS- I bought a Sunbeam because you like yours so much!

  2. Praying for you, Natali!! God is carrying you through each and every challenging moment--your're an inspiration to me! =)

  3. I'm so sorry for your crummy week
    :( I miss you!

  4. Holy Cow girl! Your week has been rough! Are you hanging in there? Your boss is so sweet to send you that basket. I'm glad you have people around you who are caring for you. Did you say MS? Are you planning on elaborating? Or are you not ready? Praying for you!


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