Adventures in Customer Mis-service: Pizza Edition

Let me preface by explaining that as a final reward for attending and participating in tutoring sessions, (through my work) I purchase pizza for students and bring it to them at their final session. Many of our groups have been coming to an end in the past few weeks, so there has been a number of recent days in which I have purchased pizza. I do my best to keep costs down, and also find pizza places that will accept my work credit card, which is an American Express card. Unfortunately, many of the local, less expensive pizza places do not take American Express. Also, the schools I work with are often in rural areas up to an hour and a half away, so I have to map out pizza places near those schools, not just near my work.

So anyway, let me tell you the pizza story of yesterday:
I need to provide pizza for two groups, both ending on the same day, but at different schools about 120 miles apart. My solution: one of the tutors for school a, lives here in town and lives near a Pizza Hut. She offered to pick up the pizza if I could pay for it. No problem I am thinking. So I call Pizza Hut, explain I would like to pay by credit card and order for a little later than afternoon and that one of my employees would be picking the pizza up. He says this is not a problem. He goes through, takes my order (very slowly- this takes about ten minutes for three large pizzas, one topping each) and then tells me I will need to bring my credit card and ID when I pick up the pizzas. I then remind him I will not be picking up the pizzas personally, my employee will as I will be 120 miles away. He then tells me that won't work. (Even though he said it would be fine ten minutes earlier). I offer to fax a copy of my ID and card. He says this will work. A moment later he changes his mind, says, "I'll enter the order as delivery, because then I can enter your card information over the phone, then I will switch it to carryout." He seemed very proud of this epiphany of problem solving. So I say fine, and give him the card information (I have now been on the phone with him for 25 minutes for three pizzas). He then says "Oh sh*t! When I switched it to carry out, it voided your card!" and explains I will have to come in and pay, then my employee can pick up the pizza later. I ask if he could just enter it again as a delivery order, then put a note on the pizza box that says "Don't Deliver" (logic people, logic!) and he says, "Umm, no."

Fabulous, so now in addition to the 25 minutes I've wasted on the phone, I have to waste 45 minutes driving there, ordering again and paying. SO.... I go there, order and pay. (Mind you on the phone, the initial total he gave me was $42 for three ONE topping pizzas and in store I am quoted $32 and told the pizzas are on special because it is Monday). I pay for the pizzas, they hand me a receipt and say, be sure to bring the receipt back when I pick them up at 2:15. I'm like, for the third time, "I am NOT picking them up, my employee IS. Shall I leave this with you and you can write her name on it?" They say yes. I tell them to please give her the receipt when she picks up the pizzas as I will need it for my employer's records.

So fast forward, I get a call from my employee, from Pizza Hut (big shock) telling me they won't give her the receipt and that they are swearing up and down that they gave it to me and she couldn't have the one they were holding. Awesome.

Fast forward further. I am now en route to school b. I call ahead to a rurally located Pizza Hut, order one, one topping large pizza and ask for the Monday special. I am told they don't have a special and that it will be $16.92. I said, "I JUST left a Pizza Hut in Fresno, and the SAME pizza was almost HALF that price." They said, "We don't have that special." Hmmm.... ok awesome.

Fast forward to today. I have to pick up two pizzas and take them to another school. (I am now avoiding Pizza Hut and going with Pacifica) I call and order at 1:30. I order one large pepperoni and one large Hawaiian pizza. I tell them I found a coupon on their website for $2.00 of a large pepperoni. I am told it expired 12/08. I tell them I am looking right at it, that I clicked on their "current promotions button" and that the coupon in front of me says exp. 12/09. They continue to argue with me that I am incorrect. So finally, I say, fine, just total 'em up. I need them ready at 2:30 please. I arrive at 2:43 (it took me extra time to pay for copies of tests right before- but I figure, hey the pizzas are for sure ready at least!) and am told my pizzas will be out of the oven in 4 more minutes. She tells me "I'm waiting on your Hawaiian." I'm thinking, wow, is Hawaiian, as in ham and pineapple some crazy more-difficult pizza to make? Did I ask just too much to expect if I say 2:30 that I mean 2:30??? So now I will officially be late to the school site. No apologies were made (big surprise). Awesome.

To top it all off, I can't eat gluten. Pizza = big quantities of gluten. Imagine being in a carm multiple days with piping hot pizzas. My car smells like a big, fresh pizza. And I can't enjoy a single slice.

Forget bamboo shoots under the nails, this is worse!!!

I am quite sure customer service is dying folks. Quite sure.


  1. I'm sorry you've had such crappy luck with pizzas! Over here, if we plan on going to the local pizza joint, we can always count on spending over $30 for a meal for 2. For PIZZA!
    And I say kudos to you for being strong and resisting the pizza! That is WILL POWER!

  2. Wow, I'm sorry you had a bad day! For you personally, have you tried Pizza Fusion? They are all organic and on the tv ad say they have gluten free pizza...

  3. Yes- eat at pizza fusion. I've been there. It's organic an glutten free. The pizza is good and they deliver!

  4. Wow, Pizza Hut must really be going downhill. I had a very similar experience at my local Pizza Hut, threw a little bit of a fit, and then then ending up delivering it and not charging me for anything. (Since I had originally ordered online for in-store pick up, waited 30 minutes in store after my time, and then was about to miss a meeting.) Stupid people.


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