Are you smarter than a (almost) two year old?

Apparently I am not! Which leads me to believe I'd have no chance at winning Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader!

Scenario: It is morning, I am hungry. I make a quesadilla with reduced fat cheese, one piece of bacon and one (special gluten-free) tortilla, folded in half. Not really a large meal (I'm TRYING to be calorie conscious) but just enough.

Quesadilla is ready, I cut into triangles and place on a paper towel, out of eye-line for a certain living-room-golf-playing toddler. I grab one piece, start munching and head upstairs to pack the diaper bag for the day when I hear "Mommy, want some! Want some!" and Keegan is pointing at my quesadilla. I tell him "Ok, Mommy make you one, wait just a minute, Mommy make one for Keegan." Boy becomes quiet, I assume my reply is accepted.

Go downstairs prepared to make child a quesadilla (with a regular gluten-y tortilla and cheddar cheese- you know, the stuff kids like!) when I am derailed by the munchkin proudly devouring the largest piece of MY quesadilla and shouting "Got some! Yum!! Keeguh got some!"


  1. LOL that'll teach ya to leave your food unguarded! :)

  2. Niiice! Next time you'll take the entire things with you upstairs, right? ;)


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