Best Video Game Ever

Much to Brandon's amusement, I found a video game I actually liked last night! Ok, so he found it and showed it to me. But I actually like it a lot. I got sucked in. I couldn't stop playing. It is called Peggle. It is available from the online XBOX360 arcade download place/thingy (yes, that is as technical as my knowledge of that gets, sorry).

Here are the elements that make it awesome:
1. It is kind of like pinball.
2. It is kind of like basketball too, if you randomly make a basket instead of the ball falling away (like in pinball) you get a free ball.
3. It is colorful.
4. It is pretty.
5. It gives me lots of points.
6. I do not have to shoot anyone.
7. I do not have to use all of the controller buttons at the same time to be good.
8. Like Pong, you can get multi-ball.

Here are the elements that make it BEYOND awesome:
When I beat a level, the final target is destroyed in slow motion....
fireworks go off, Handels Mesiah plays loudly and a giant rainbow shoots across the screen! I feel like the best gamer EVER!

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