A Grave Sin

When Keegan and I arrived in Charleston last week, Keegan was wearing his Dodger T-Shirt. It was the only shirt I had in the diaper bag that was close to me after the plane meltdown that involved Keegan getting melted chocolate (from my failed attempt to calm him with M&Ms) all over us both. I didn't really intend to rub our Dodger fan status in the Shearer noses, but Bobby (husband/father Shearer) quickly noticed the wardrobe choice and attempted to "fix" it. Notice Keegan won't even smile or LOOK at the camera in such a disgraceful shirt ;-)
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  1. Hahaha! Awesome!

    I read your post to Bobby and he just rolled his eyes and half-grinned. ;)

    PS-What'd Bran think of that??

  2. Oh this is too funny! He really does look upset about the whole thing!

  3. So fun that you got to go to Charleston to be with Jen on her birthday! Hope y'all had lots of fun!


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