A Healthy Option for Pasta Lovers

The hubby and I have been working at taking better care of ourselves. In the past month we have both joined a gym, Brandon is meeting with a trainer and we are both being careful about what we are eating. After grocery shopping together yesterday, we decided to give Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta a try. It is a white pasta that has 6g of fiber (3x's the normal amt. when compared to regular pasta) and 30% of your daily recommended amt. of calcium. At 180 calories per serving it is a bit lighter than regular pasta as well, on straight calories alone.

I made spaghetti with it tonight, our first box- and I have got to say, it was great!!! Totally tender, smooth, easy to cook to a perfect al dente, and I felt good knowing I'd made a healthier choice (right after my class at the gym too ;-))

Try some in your house, you'll like it too!

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