Keegan's First REAL Haircut

Yes, I've trimmed Keegan's hair a bit, and yes, even my own stylist trimmed his hair a bit, but we've never actually given him a real haircut or altered his 'do. Until today. You see, yesterday, I took a go at his hair, thinking I could do it on my own- my goal was to get it short enough to spike but even enough to comb down too. Unfortunately, he ended up with a hair-do closer to the lollipop gang or friar Tuck. Short on top, pointy, longer on the sides.... not so great.
Thankfully, the kind lady at Supercuts made short work of my mistake today :-)


  1. Oh. My. GOSH! He looks so grown up now!!

  2. That is an adorable haircut. Sorry you made a mistake cutting it yourself, but it turned out awesome in the end!

  3. awww! he looks like such a cool dude! love it! :) Good call on the Trader Joes cleaning products too... I'll have to try them out! :)



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