What's Missing?

Every week, I make a date to have lunch with my dear friend Stefanie ("Teffy" as she is known by my son) and we eat at Chipotle. We never bother to say "Where should we meet?" because the answer is always the same. Stefanie is the one person besides myself who could possibly consume Chipotle for nearly every meal and still want more.

Today, we had our weekly Chipotle date and sat down to enjoy the spoils of our trip only to discover something was not right. The food wasn't bad. There wasn't anything awful about it- but, seeing as we get the same thing every week, well, we could tell something wasn't right.

We had several bites and pondered aloud as to what could be amiss. We narrowed it down to the rice. The rice was missing something.

Seeing as we are such regular customers I felt comfortable telling our Chipotle team, "Hey, you know we love you guys, but something is missing today- something important- and we think it is missing from the rice."

Three minutes later, nice Chipotle guy comes out to our table with two FREE meal cards and explains they left out the citrus juice!

Our Chipotle honed taste buds don't steer us wrong! And now, we get a free lunch and the rice got fixed. Woot!


  1. LoL... too funny! WTG on the free lunches! (And now I'm craving Chipotle...)

  2. I love that you caught it! Lucky for you!


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