Food Changes: Part II

Out of a lack of energy/creativity (I suppose that's expected when you neglect to take your lunch until 2pm) I couldn't think of anything other than Whole Foods buffet stuff to get for my gluten-free lunch. I didn't feel like going home- sometimes it feels depressing when I am the only one there. So I went to pile up a take out box. If you'll look at the picture- you will see veggies, veggies, more veggies, a spoonful of brown rice and a strawberry. Really, really healthy stuff. But, you know, as much as I am being good to my body- I still feel a little sick when this box of veggies costs me $10.12! I didn't even get a drink for that price. Do you think I am rightfully irked?


  1. Uh..yeah!! I always say if "they" were really serious about the obesity problem in America, they would mak healty food cheaper!!

    Let's see $1 for a pile of yummy, fat-filled, cheese covered junk food...or $10 for a pile of veggies and spoonful of rice...ITS RIDICULOUS!!

  2. That's almost like being punished for needing a special HEALTHY diet!
    Does this diet help you with the Celiac?

  3. I love Whole Foods... but this is the reason I never did (and will never if they ever open up one near me)buy my lunch there. SUCH a rip-off!

    I bet you could buy a bunch of veggies and bowl yourself some rice, have enough for the entire week, and it'd cost you $15.


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