Sleeping in your own bed.

Sometimes, I am in denial. I still feel like I should sometimes sit at the kid table at family functions and I sometimes really just need to talk to my mom. I don't understand how and when this whole grown up thing happened, I guess I thought it would be more obvious?

I thought, maybe when I become a mom, that is when I will feel grown up. But the truth is, there are a lot of times when I still feel like I shouldn't REALLY be allowed to be in charge of another human's life. I mean, what a huge responsibility! My kid (MY kid! whoa!) is counting on ME to make the right decision that affect his life every day.

Tonight, Keegan told me "No Keeguh bed, Mommy room seep in Mommy bed." I had to do my best to convince him to sleep in his own bed, not because I don't love to snuggle my kiddo, but because I still have selfish tendencies- I still would like a night where I am not kicked repeatedly in the gut and having my blankets stolen by TWO family members instead of just one.

I still remember the days of wanting to sleep in MY parent's bed after a nightmare. How can I be a mom myself?

At what point did I officially become a "grown up" and when will I feel like one? (I am starting to look like one, or at least I must be, because I've heard comments recently like "Oh really, you're 27? I thought you were older.")

And that folks is the end of me sucking you into my brain for the night. Sorry about that rambling.

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