Tide Fail

I love Kelly Ripa. I really do. She makes me want to emulate her hairstyles, she helps me feel perky in the morning (on the rare occasion I get to be home to watch Live) she loves her kids and her hubby and she makes herself the butt of jokes willingly, frequently.

So, when my girl takes the time to endorse something- I trust her. I assume she would not sell me a load of bull.

Dang. I was wrong.

Yesterday, there was an unfortunate incident on my lunch during the workday that involved some Chipotle smoked Tabasco sauce (yes, I went to back to Chipotle already- I mean, it was free after all!) and my blue layering tank.

There wasn't time to go home and change before my afternoon meeting, but I needed to pick up a few items for work from Target so I decided to trust Ripa and buy one of the two products she enthusiastically endorses- a Tide to Go pen. The package said: works great on BBQ sauce, ketchup and salsa (and some other things) and also admitted it did not work well on grease, blood or ink. I figured honestly in packaging was a good sign.

Now wouldn't you think that if a product can take out BBQ sauce, ketchup and salsa stains (all tomato based people!) that it would be able to also remove hot sauce? Apparently not.

And, worse yet, not only did I still have spots, but I was also left with lovely, large wet rings to further draw attention to the original problem.

Kelly, how could you do this to me? I am going to have to really think long and hard before saving for a multi-thousand dollar Electrolux range now- I am just not sure who to believe anymore...


  1. I'm wary of those things too...I heard that they only really work well on whites too-that when you use them and don't wash it out right away it leaves bleach-like spots.

  2. Oh no, that sucks!

    Maybe it was greasy hot sauce?


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