The Unsung Hero

Today, I must pause to give credit where credit is due. There is an invention that has improved my life. And, despite it's trashy nature- it makes me smile nearly every time I discover it when I am about and about and on the go.

This wonderful addition to the world of modern conveniences is:
The Drive Thru Trash Can

When your life is coming at you so fast, you haven't had a chance to throw out your morning coffee cup and the empty juice box in the backseat cup holder in time to grab lunch- the drive thru trash can is there to save the day! Instead of being faced with a dangerous situation, in which small amounts of remaining liquid can attack such treasures as your laptop or your purse- the drive thru trash is there, waiting to free up your cup holders.

Thank you Mr. (or Mrs.) Drive Thru Trash Can Inventor!Note to those concerned about my health- I promise you I am one of the ones that gets the grilled chicken meals and the skinny lattes. Though in my busy season at work I have hit up a LOT of Fast Food joints, I promise I am not being as awful as it sounds :-)


  1. Have you mapped out the locations of these trash cans for your hubby? His poor car could definitely benefit from use of one of these on occasion ;)

  2. I am the driver in front of you who stuffs it completely full! LOL


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