Weekend Away

Bran and I got away from the craziness of life for a night and took off to the coast. What we didn't know ahead of time was that by leaving our "terrible (almost) two" at home, we were just headed for a whole family of terribles. Our room was situated beneath a family of kids at a serene, quiet hot spring resort. I didn't even think this place allowed children (part of the appeal after handling about 146 tantrums in one week). They are allowed, and they roomed above us, and they played with a baseball all. night. long. And apparently they were children without hands, as I don't think they caught the ball once. They also ran the jets in their rooms hot tub at all hours of the night as well. Everything they started it, it sounded like rockets taking off above our heads.

I love kids. I love MY kid. I just wanted a break. Some grown up time. Turns out even shelling out a couple hundred bucks you don't have AND having willing overnight sitters in the family doesn't guarantee peaceful grown up time.

Sorry, rant over. Here are some pictures.
Us in a gazebo. It is very exciting I know. Contain yourselves alright?
They were so booked, they put us in a room with a wheel chair accessible room. The in-room hot tub was a little different, and by different I mean deep enough and dark enough to look like a tomb and give me the heeby jeebies. I am sure those who use a wheelchair are equally freaked by it.
Evil snack stalker.

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  1. Aww sorry your weekend didn't go as planned!!! I think there should be a time cut off for noisy kids. Seriously. Especially in hotels. Who's to say you didn't have an important meeting the next day you needed to get sleep for?! When we were in Philly this past summer we always had the kids quiet after 9:00.
    Well the weekend was a good idea anyway! I hope you get to do it again sometime!


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