Aqua girl meets land.

For the first time in my life, I am finally doing a good job of getting regular exercise. My goal is a realistic one, to simply get healthier (and hopefully lose weight) the good old fashioned way. Smaller portions, healthier foods, lower carb/lower fat/lower cal diet. I've been doing pretty darn good for about a month and a half now. I joined the gym on February 18th, and since then I have been ensuring that I get at least three hours of workouts in each week. Typically, this consists of two aqua cardio classes (and hour a piece) and a 5 mile bike ride with the hubby. Sometimes it is all aqua.

I like the aqua cardio classes a lot. There are many reasons the I enjoy them.
1. I get to be in a pool, even in February and not chattering (it is indoor, heated to 85 degrees).
2. My gym is ladies only- therefore no man has to see me in a bathing suit.
3. I am the youngest person in the class. It is rare these days that I find myself the youngest person in any group.
4. I am among the thinnest people in the class. (As rare as it is for me to be the youngest in any given group it is about ten times more rare for me to be the thinnest!)
5. Even though I have a stupid arthritic knee (who gets arthritis at 27?!?!? Oh. Yeah. Me.) I can do all of the moves at full effort in the water without hurting.
6. If I do everything at full effort it is a darn good workout and even though I am sure I am sweating, I don't feel it in the water and I leave class feeling refreshed. Major plus!
Truth be told, this is not a picture of my aqua classmates, but it could be.^^

But... I figured if I am serious about getting fit, I should probably vary my routine a bit and venture out onto dry land. (yikes) So last night I went with my (marathon-running workout Barbie) friend Stefanie and tried the "Guns, Buns and Abs" class. It was so challenging! I thought that I'd built some decent ab strength during the ab portion of my water classes for the past 6 weeks (we do strength and toning in the water too) but MAN I felt like the loser of the class. Our instructor was every bit the instructor I might have expected for such a class yelling "Come on, push it! Push it harder! No wimping out! (and my favorite) "I saw that!" (Which is incredibly effective because even though you don't know if she's talking to you, you assume she is if you faultered on your move at all- thus you feel like a fool and try even harder not to screw up. At one point, she yelled "Do you feel that burn? Do you feel those abs screaming? That is your six pack trying to get OUT!" (I didn't even know I had one!!!)

Ok, so a six pack is going to take a lot of work, and I know it's not just "hiding" in there somewhere. But, I survived my first "dry land" class last night- so I guess I'll just keep trying. One thing I'm pretty good at is not letting something that is hard for me intimidate me into quitting. So, I guess I will be Ariel and spend part of my time underwater and part of land :-) Wish me luck!


  1. Good for you! I am just going to see how out of shape I can get!

  2. I used to do aqua at Shapemakers..loved it for all the same reasons was fantastic!

  3. hmmm not sure if I like to be referred to as a "Barbie" LOL... But I shall take it as a complement!!! =) ~Stef


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